Shri Ganesh Plast Packaging was established on 1st April 2004. The company is spread of 990 meter in Rajkot’s Metoda GIDC. The company has a 3000 sq. ft. workshop at the unit. The company operate with sophisticated fully-automatic machines to produce high quality and high precision products. As a contribution to the environement, the company maintains a green belt around the unit. The organisation contributes towards the development and maintenance of trees in this green belt in a bid to keep the air pollution free. Every morning the work starts at Ganesh Plast Packaging with a prayer which is invariably attended by everyone in the organization.

The company currently manufactures High Quality Frozen Food Pack Trays in various dimensions and sizes. The material used for manufacturing is non-toxic so that the trays could be used for food stuff. The trays are PVC/HIPS type and are frozen grade low temperature resistant even upto -40 degree Celsius temperature. Each and every product undergoes regular laboratory test and Quality Control and Maintanance. Ganesh Plast Packaging Production unit currently has a total Production Capacity of 30,000 trays per day. The trays are being used by prestigious clients many of whom are Euro Certified.

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  The Logo

      The logo of the company indicates Indian God Shree
     Ganesh. The meaning of Shree is Shubh Laxmi –
     Very Auspicious in Indian Language. Every work
     is intitiated in this organization with the name of
     ‘Shree Ganesh’


Plot On. G-2805, Loghika G.I.D.C., Vill. Metoda
Nr. 66 K.V. Sub Station, Kranti Gate,
Dst. Rajkot - 360 0021. (GUJARAT) INDIA
E-mail :
Phone : (F) +91-2827 - 287935
Mobile : +91-98256 12813 / +91-97129 12813